Saturday, November 17, 2012

Marking things off the list & making chicken salad

The days are rollin' by and I am less than a month away from departure from Napa Valley, CA to the southern tip of Argentina.  I have adjusted my plan since my first post, wanting to see as many countries as possible, so am upping the total to 18 (including U.S. & Canada - I'm first driving to Vancouver) and making my way to Antarctica too...hoping I'll have a few bucks left over to get there.  I just assume if I think I'll get there, then I will get there, like in that movie, "The Secret".  Yeah, yeah, that's the ticket

The month just before heading out on a big trip is always very low key for me.  I get caught up in everything trip-related and try to spend as little money as possible on dining out, drinks, etc so am not too social.  I am racking up tons of time on the computer: researching the countries, reading other travelers' blogs, buying lots of gear on Amazon & eBay and updating my spreadsheet.   Yes, plenty to buy for the trip and even more to get rid of.  I have made a massive dent in the amount of stuff I own, with my ultimate goal having 2 tubs of personal stuff & some clothes for when I return from the trip.  No matter how much I sell & donate, there is always one more little drawer of random items.  Poco a poco.

The 4Runner is all tuned up and ready to roll.  I have a few modifications to make before I am officially on the road: installing a beefier security system, power inverter, lockbox, laffy taffy dispenser & 2 shelves in the back to create a sleeping platform for a full-sized air mattress.  First, a week in Michigan with family, starting Tuesday, 11/20.  I only see my family one time a year anymore (all 5 kids live in different states) so am very excited to get a full week to catch up and play with my nieces & nephews.  Plus, lots of good food & wine.

I knocked out a tasty batch of chicken salad this afternoon.  Hells yeah.
I have my new tent setup outside in the rain tonight.  I hope it stays dry.